Changes we made to Exply

Exply 3.6.1 - Improvements


  • Better Color for not selected chart bars
  • Current dashboard is now highlighted in the dashboard selector
  • Fixed strange behaviour of opened dropdowns
  • Maximum Number of displayed chart bars and stacking was off by one

Exply 3.6.0 - Raw Data Export

New Features:

  • In addition to the basic Excel export you can now also export the original raw data. The exported data reflects the dashboard including the applied filters for projects, people, issues, etc.


  • Compatibility to JIRA 7.8.0
  • Tempo Data Source was sometimes marked as erroneous
  • Corrected the hover legend in time line chart
  • Fixed back to JIRA button
  • Fixed bug when duplicating a widget group
  • Other minor bugfixes

Exply 3.5.0 - Excel Export

New Features:

  • Export your dashboards to Excel Spreadsheets. The selected filters, projects, people, etc. form the basis for exporting your data.


  • minor bugfixes

Exply 3.4.0 - More Operators, Filters, Full-Text Search, Improved User Management

New Features:

  • Directly find the dashboard you need with the Dashboard Selector Filter
  • Filter for Widgets, Groups and Dashboards now also provide: contains, ends with, matches, starts with
  • Select data in row charts using the full-text search
  • Check if data context is configured correctly for new users by switching into the user role


  • Fixed background scrolling in widget editor and dashboard selector
  • Significant reduce of disk consumption
  • JAVA memory settings tweaked
  • Notification when deleting a dashboard
  • Selected labels in row chart bars are now highlighted
  • Login page styling fixed
  • JRE in Debian package by dependency replaced
  • Current user in user list is now highlighted
  • Users with no name are rendered correct in user-list
  • Better and more simpler caching
  • Importer configurations with invalid schedule are now being rejected
  • Incomplete filter configs are now highlighted and the save button is disabled
  • Widgets now show the sum of values within
  • And more minor improvements

Exply 3.3.0 - Image Widget & Custom Quota Tile Color

New Features:

  • New Image widget to add custom images to your dashboards and reports
  • Color selection for Quota Tile allows you to select a custom color or set it automatically


  • Increased number of suggestions within autocompletion
  • Drop downs are sorted ascending by label
  • All widget groups and dashboards are automatically created with Time Selector widget
  • Notification if your session has expired
  • and more minor improvements

Exply 3.2.0 - Production Release

We're proud to announce the Exply for JIRA Production Release, including:

  • Drag-and-drop Dashboards for your JIRA & Tempo Data
  • Individual Reports for your Projects
  • Various Types of Charts
  • Easy Setup

and much more!

Exply 3.1.0 - Better JIRA Integration and much more

New Features:

  • Support of Windows Server Machines
  • Labelling of Fields match JIRA names
  • Specialized Dashboard-Styling for Printing/PDF Export


  • Button to start Data Import manually
  • More appealing Colors
  • full support of special characters
  • Filter for "(empty value)"
  • all fields to JIRA issues
  • all fields to Tempo Worklogs
  • Styling-improvements and fixes of glitches
  • better overall Performance

Exply 3.0.4 - Importer & Stability Improvements


  • Automatically disable Tempo importer if API Key is empty
  • Improved tooltip for Timeline Bar Chart
  • Reload Data if returning to last opened Dashboard
  • Improved Stability

Exply 3.0.3 - Auto-Recovery


  • Colored Legend for Stacked Bar Charts and improved rendering
  • Advanced JIRA configuration and status information
  • Option to ignore SSL errors (not recommended)
  • Auto-Recovery and error diagnose screen if Add-On does not work

Exply 3.0.2 - UX/UI Improvements


  • Dashboards don't disappear randomly anymore
  • Local config not removed if add-on restarts
  • Better UX/UI for Pivot Tables on Smartphones
  • Button to create dashboards on welcome screen is now hidden on mobile devices
  • Ellipses for long titles
  • Improved pivot-table support in small screens
  • Faster add-on start-up

Exply 3.0.1 - Minor Bugfixes


  • Minor Bugfixes

Exply 3.0.0 - Initial Release

You may think "Wait a second! The initial Exply Release is 3.0.0? What happend to 1.0 and 2.0?" and you're absolutely right! It seems a little bit strange starting a release this way.

But this semantic versioning is based upon the internal history of Exply. Some of our befriended customers used to run an earlier version on their systems, like we did to achieve very specific tasks.

The goal of Exply version 3 was to be way more versatile in it's whole data handling and visualisation. It's also way easier to talk about Exply, if the versioning is consistent, so that we always speak of the same thing.

And that's basically it :-)