actiTIME Reports


Easy actiTIME Reports

Discover your actiTIME data without the need of a data analyst or coding skills. Benefit from interactive dashboards, reports and data visualisation to make intelligent, informed decisions.

  • Simple to use: Fully customizable drag-and-drop Dashboards for your team, projects and customers
  • Sharing is caring: Powerful User Management to let users access the data they need
  • Free forever: Up to 2 Users for anyone and unlimited Users for Open Source Projects

Why do we believe, that you profit from Exply for actiTIME?

A couple of years ago we created Exply to solve our own controlling issues with the built-in reports from ActiveCollab. With every new customer asking us to implement Exply, we get to know a new time tracking tool. Therefore actiTIME is yet another one in the list of time and project tracking tools.

Like every professional project management tool, actiTIME helps companies to create and track projects, tasks, issues and empower team members so log task-specific working hours.

However, controlling is one very important key activity to help projects succeed, learn from past ones and improve. As companies grow those controllling aspects become more complex over time. Simple KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like income, expenses, debts, working time per project and team don't help to controll and improve anymore.

That said, the basic report functionality of actiTime doesn't fit advanced controlling needs like:

  • Show & compare all non-billable jobs vs billable vs total job time
  • Screen all non-productiv (internal) time records that have a match with
    • customer name or
    • issues/ticket or
    • a list of other keywords
  • Compare productive, internal and absent team member hours for individual teams
  • Show all non-billable times and total time per project
  • Compare current project time vs agreed budget

How does Exply for actiTIME work?

Exply works like the self-hosted actiTIME version, meaning that it needs a server (There's no Exply on cloud version, yet). This also means, that your data always belongs to you and stays on your machine. Exply directly connects to the actiTIME database and imports new data. You can choose how often you would like to import new data.

Exply uses the concept of dashboards over reports to easily visualize your data just the way you need. There are no limitations through standardized presets or a fixed structure. Create custom dashboards for your customers, projects, teams and more. Discover hidden potentials with the blink of an eye - everytime. 

Especially agile teams and projects profit from Exply through an ingenious User Management, empowering you to grant customers access to their project dashboards with just the right data, they need to see. Your projects and work profit from a whole new level of transparency, complete cost controll and trust!

Exply for JIRA & Tempo

Exply Self-Hosted for actiTIME

Your Benefits of Exply as actiTIME Addon

actiTIME is very useful to track time for projects, tasks, vacation and much more. With regard to complex controlling there's some room left on top. Or when there're several systems where project teams work on like JIRA tiers. Connecting both systems is the supreme discipline.

Instead of handling both systems separately, exporting data to merge it manually with the other one or building some big inefficient excel worksheets, Exply combines both systems instantly. This empowers you f.e. with a powerful global search incl. auto completion.

That way you access your data the way you want and need, without limitations. Profit from a wide range of Exply features like:

  • Creating custom dashboards that match your specific use case
  • Comparing productivity of teams and projects with amounts of all non-billable vs billable and total time
  • Sharing dashboards that have been created for customer projects to show them all relevant project information for an agile approach like available budget, logged hours, finished tasks, etc. and raise the business relationship trust level
  • Export raw data, cause raw data is powerful! ;-)
  • and way more!