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  • The days of data silos are finally over!
  • Interact with your company's data in new ways
  • Search, analyze and connect your relevant data like never before


Easily search through all your data with context aware categories

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View relevant data related to your current selection.

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Create instant graphs and powerful analyses from your data

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1st July 2015

bar charts and custom calculations

Here is the list of changes for this update:
  • [FEATURE] added bar charts as diagram type
  • [FEATURE] added custom calculations for fields, allowing the calculation of new values from existing information (e.g. how long do Jira tickets stay in status "x"?)
  • [TASK] greatly improved usability of the power editor: auto-completion, better documentation, syntax checks
  • [TASK] more pre-defined time spans in the time selector (e.g. this/last year, today/yesterday)
  • [TASK] added analysis template for tickets
  • [BUGFIX] fixed some issues with the excel export which works more reliable now
  • [BUGFIX] improved the responsiveness of analyses
and many more smaller fixes!

Overcome your data boundaries with Exply.

Exply is currently in closed beta, available as a MacOS app.

Call us at +49 (0) 351 4189 3634 or mail us if you are interested in more information about Exply.

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