We believe it should be simple to add value to your data.

Exply achieves this goal by being an easy to use self-service BI and analytics solution that provides you with interactive dashboards, reports and data visualisation to make intelligent, informed decisions.

Exply for JIRA is a powerful JIRA plugin to provide you with detailed data insights. 

Explore your existing JIRA issues data to easily visualize your projects on the level you need: from your project portfolio overview in a single dashboard gadget to detailed time records on individual tasks. Interactively experience your JIRA issues & Tempo time tracking data in an intuitive UI.

Automatically create rich and powerful JIRA dashboards, reports and charts with the Exply for JIRA add on using drag-and-drop.

How do we achieve that?

Exply connects easily to any data source


Easily connect your JIRA & Tempo data with the Exply for JIRA add on. All the setup and configuration is done for you automatically.

Individual Dashboards for your data analysis


Create individual, tailor-made dashboards that perfectly fit your needs. Add, configure and arrange widgets via drag-n-drop to display your relevant data immediately.

Comparing Data with Exply


Display different sprints in one dashboard to compare performance. Or review your projects' progress in the current month side-by-side.

Powerful controlling with Exply


Sharpen your productivity understanding with the embedded, powerful BI analytics at your fingertips.

Efficient team and project management with Exply


See at a glance if your team exceeds their limits in terms of budget, service-levels, effectiveness, results and more.

Improving performance of projects with Exply


Skyrocket your performance and results through continuous improvement of your projects. 

Easily connect various Data Sources to Exply

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