Various Chart Types to visualise your Data

Exply empowers you with numerous chart types that fit your data perfectly. 

Don’t just leave your business and project success to coincidence. The numerous chart types of Exply enable you to visualize & analyze your business and projects daily. Immediately gain useful insights into your performance and derive valuable decisions across all projects and departments.

Make important decisions based on the data and facts which generate the biggest success for your business. All chart types are an essential part of Exply and fully integrated.

Choose from numerous chart types:

  • Row Chart
  • Timeline Chart
  • Pivot Tables
  • Metrics Tile
  • Quota Tile
  • Results Table
  • and more coming soon

Customize each charting widget individually. Define size, select by which values you want to stack your charts, how many values you want to show and so on. We are working hard to bring you even more chart types and visualizations in future updates of Exply.

Row Chart

Create detailed analytics to compare your data for a certain timespan, project, task and more. Choose whether you would like to stack more information within each bar and how many stacks and bars to see.

Timeline Chart

Easily monitor and compare your data over time. See which projects, tasks, issues etc. consume the most time, result in billable hours or need support.

Pivot Tables

Use Pivot Tables to show detailed insights stacked by projects, employees, tasks, issues and way more.

Quota Tile

Define individual budgets for several time spans, to perfectly monitor and manage your daily project time.

Metrics Tile

Directly show the sum of logged hours, billable hours, hourly rate, issue solving time and more.

Your Advantages with Exply Chart Types

Direct Control

Control the success of your business and projects directly at your fingertips.

Peaks & Valleys

See peaks & valleys in performance and turn problems into opportunities.

Improved Planning

Continuously improve your planning by using comparable data from former projects.

Relevant Data

JIRA, Tempo Time Sheets, Git, JSON, CSV, XML - Integration of all relevant data sources and more.

Real-time KPIs

All charts are calculated in real-time giving you the best information possible.


Compare projects, departments, etc. at the level you need to get to most relevant information.

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