Explore Exply BI Features

Exply provides you with a lot of powerful BI & data analysis features to improve your projects!


Fully Customizable

Build the dashboards that you need. Add, configure and arrange widgets to display your relevant data.

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Automatic Configuration

Exply does all the configuration it needs automatically. Users, access rights, data imports. If you use Tempo you only need to provide its API key.

Data Sources

Connect a wide range of data sources to Exply and connect previously not connectable data silos.


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User Management

Fully manage what your team or customers can see & do with the dashboards and reports you share with them.

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Access Rights

Exply uses a diverse access rights management. Create individual restrictions for every user regarding data types, general permissions and so on.

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Nightly Update

Jira and Tempo data is updated once per day so that you are able to analyse consistent data. You can refresh it manually if you need the very latest data.

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Full Text Search

Find specific projects, issues or even time records by using one search bar.



Responsive UI

Exply has a responsive UI giving you its full analytical power on any device - even your smartphone!



Simultaneously use all functions for any number of users and any amount of data with no performance issues.




Get personal telephone and e-mail support in English and German. No outsourced Hotline!



Professional Onboarding

Our experts will guide you through the first steps to get you the analytics and dashboards you need.




Exply is designed so you don't have to type in JQL. Graphical widget settings with a live preview allow you to build the dashboard you need.


Exply On-Premises

Requires Ubuntu 16, 18, Debian 9

Exply Cloud