Powerful User Management

Fine-grained Permission Control for Users and Groups

Fully manage what your team or customers can see & do with the dashboards and reports you share with them. Fine-grained permission control with specific options like read-only, read-write, data types and more.

Invite your Team

Empower your whole team to view and share project insights for more transparency and commitment.

Invite your Customers

Invite your customers to show project progress,  amount of used budget, support topics, etc.

Manage Permissions individually

Create individual restrictions for every user regarding viewable dashboards, data types and so on.

Send personal Invitation-Links

Create custom links to invite new team members or customers. You don't need to use temporary low-security passwords anymore.

Manage Users in Groups

Define individual permissions for groups such as general access rights, specific dashboards, data types or data fields.

Jira & Tempo

Requires JIRA Server 7.0+

Exply On-Premise

Requires Ubuntu 16, 18, Debian 9

Exply Cloud