Beautiful Drag-and-Drop Dashboards

Easily create Dashboards for every topic you wish to explore using drag-and-drop.

Dashboards visualize your key business data (KPI) quick and easy. Each dashboard consists of several interactive reports (widgets) like bar charts, quotas, pivot tables and more. Exply provides you with powerful dashboards designed via drag-and-drop, flexible layout options, separate widgets, filters, and settings.

Get all the relevant information, to immediately see the needs for action. You will never lack relevant data because every modern system generates new data every second. It is therefore essential to transform present data into powerful information to make the right decisions quickly and achieving better performance.

Drag-and-Drop Dashboards

Edit and customize your dashboards with flexible chart-widgets and an arrangement of your liking.

Individual Size & Position

Specific data needs specific visualization and also specific sizes. Design your dashboard the way you want it and adjust the size and position of every single widget to perfectly fit your and your customers needs.

Dashboard Groups

Group as many chart-widgets as you like into several groups to view related data together. View all your projects in one dashboard and organize them using dashboard groups. Each group reacts only to its specific filters and doesn't influence other groups or widgets.

Global Dashboard Groups

Set dashboard-groups to function as a global filter with general settings. Selections in global widget-groups influence the displayed data in all widget-groups within the dashboard.

Your Advantages using Exply Dashboards

Direct Overview

Keep an eye on the big picture since the most important information are displayed at a glance.

Better Decisions

Make intelligent, informed decisions, using the most current information available.

Various Data Sources

Choose from various, fully customisable data importers for your data sources.

Quick Response

Immediately see where potential problems & opportunities are and react right away.

Full Customization

Design your dashboard the way you want it and adjust the size & position of every single widget to perfectly fit your and your customers' needs.

Your KPIs

Track, analyse and visualise your relevant KPIs, metrics and figures in real-time.

Manage Teams

Inform and manage teams better, as dashboards enable the structured access to the right information at the right time.

Sharing is Caring

Create, share and export individual dashboards for more transparency to your customers, managers and colleagues.

Jira & Tempo

Requires JIRA Server 7.0+

Exply On-Premises

Requires Ubuntu 16, 18, Debian 9

Exply Cloud